We shall strive to incorporate sustainability into our core business operations through internal and external efforts. Specifically, we shall adopt the following policies and practices:

  • Conserve energy, water and natural resources.
  • Commit to only purchase environmentally preferable products.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We shall / have

  • Strive to increase waste diversion by recycling all paper, cardboard, wood and plastics packaging
  • Reduce the waste generated by donating reusable office items (appliances, electronic equipment, furniture) to charitable organizations.
  • Reuse envelopes and packaging as well as purchase reusable products.
  • Promote the use of natural lighting and solar energy.
  • Institute a policy to turn off lighting and appliances in unoccupied rooms.
  • Purchase low mercury fluorescent and LED lighting and energy star appliances.
  • Reduction of power consumption for heating, cooling and illumination
  • Reduction of traveling
  • Reduction of fossil fuels by the use of hybrid/electrical company cars

Toxics Reduction

We shall reduce the use of toxic materials to protect employee health and the environment.
Specifically we shall

  • Choose green seal certified janitorial cleaning products
  • Only use recycled content products, materials and supplies when available
  • Purchase No VOC paints, markers and air fresheners.
  • Recycle universal wastes and prohibit purchasing hazardous wastes.
  • Purchase rechargeable batteries and appliances only

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

We shall purchase/use the following:

  • Remanufactured and refillable toner cartridges
  • Office & toilet paper with 100% recycled content as well as tree free paper (where feasible)
  • Products with the least packaging (no plastic, polystyrene, aerosol packaging)
  • Recycled content office furniture and supplies
  • Energy Star rated appliances and office equipment.

The management of W&S Benelux takes ultimate responsibility for environmental policy. Within the organization care is taken to provide the required information to employees. Participation in training is also supported and encouraged. The employees of W&S Benelux support this environmental policy and are fully aware of their responsibility in achieving it.

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