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Improve your printing quality with our squeegees

Transition Automation squeegees - overview

Your printing process is critical, perhaps the most critical process in your SMT production line!

Upgrade your printer with Permalex Edge ®  Metal Squeegees, these incorporate many advantages such as:

  • long service life,
  • improved printing quality,
  • less stencil wear,
  • ease of use

Transition Automation: permalex explained


image of improved printing quality Improved printing quality (more accurate volume of deposits)
 Transition Automation - less pressure Less Squeegee pressure needed (longer stencil life)
 transition_squeegee_200 Easier handling (light weight and easy mounting)
Transition Automation squeegees - smart paste retainers Smart paste retainers


Supported printers:

The Permalex Squeegees are available for all major printers including:

  • DEK
  • MPM
  • Speedline
  • EKRA
  • Fuji
  • Juki / GKG
  • Speedprint Europlacer
  • Yamaha
  • Essemtec
  • Autotronik




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