reflow $ curing ovens

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Reflow and curing ovens are often seen as a ‘black box’ at the end of the SMT production line. The task of the reflow oven sounds simple: Heat and cool the product according to a predefined curve. However, in order to continue doing this reliably and in a perfect way year after year, a lot of technology and know-how is involved.
Key issues in this technology:

  • Achieve best possible heat transfer for heavy boards and components without setting the temperatures too high.
  • Accurate control of the heat and airflow around the products.
  • Gas management, specially when processing in a Nitrogen atmosphere.
  • Flux separation systems to remove the flux from the exhaust gasses and preserve the thermal energy.
  • Traceability to verify the process for every PCB that is reflowed.

We offer Reflow ovens, Curing ovens and Vacuum ovens for different processes.
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