Product group Screenprinting

Stencil printing

(Printers, accessories, consumables)

Product group Placement

Component mounting

(Pick & place machines, feeders, accessories)

reflow $ curing ovens

Thermal processes

(Reflow & curing ovens, profilers, process improvement, continuous monitoring)

Product group Inspection


(3D Inspection of solder paste, components, soldering quality, pins, conformal coating)

Laser depanaling

Laser & electronics

(Depaneling, stencil cutting, MID assembly)

Smart factory

(Traceability, monitoring, analytics, material control, data management)

Product group Wave Soldering

Wave soldering and materials

(Wave soldering machines, accessories, consumables)

Product group Cleaning and Desktop chemicals

Benchtop products & process chemicals

(Flux removers, oven cleaners, contact cleaner, circuit chiller, lint free wipes, presaturated wipes, accessories)

Preforming leaded components

(Cutting and bending of Axial, Radial, Power Transistors and Connectors)