Remembering Tom Waltuch

Remembering Tom Waltuch
20-05-1944 – 19-07-2020

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Tom Waltuch, Sales Manager and Managing director of W&S Benelux BV from 1983 till 2015. 

This wonderfully charismatic man passed away peacefully in the early morning of Sunday the 19th July, surrounded by his family. Our thoughts and love are with his wife Conny and daughters Simone and Danielle and their families.

We will always remember Tom’s integrity, honesty, drive and full commitment to W&S and his  team.  He was a true salesman , he loved the contact with customers and showed genuine interest in person and product,  yet not losing sight of the commercial interest in his personal approach.

His creed in life was ‘ who does good, meets well’. With rock-solid confidence that this belief was (is)  ultimately the most important, he gained  trust from many customers. We will remember his insight, forward thinking, and his very big heart.

The world is a sadder place without him. He will be missed terribly by his family and friends and all of us at W&S Benelux BV.

Welcome back Ton Luijten

Ton Luijten

We are happy to announce that since June 1 Ton Luijten is back in the W&S team.

Ton already has a history at W&S, he previously worked at our company from 2007 – 2018. During that time he gained expert knowledge about most of our products and technologies. Ton is a well-known face for most customers.

We are happy that he is back and wish him the best of luck in his work.

Trust is good, but a “Benchmark Board” is better

EPP & Koh Young present Benchmark board webinar

May 27, 2020 / 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Koh Young benchmark board ver.09

Your current product, which you use for a machine demonstration or an evaluation, will not necessarily reflect the requirements of the future. The manufacturer’s demo board usually shows “state-of-the-art” technology. However, this in a manageable form. This means, it will not reflect the production reality. And now we are already with the requirements of a “real” benchmark board. It should be close to production reality; it should include current and future technologies and it should show inspection limits.

Koh Young has been developing benchmark boards for many years, which are now being used by a wide range of manufacturers and users. The webinar will give you an introduction to the topic of benchmark board and benchmark board design. Get to know ways of differentiating 3D measurement concepts and learn how to correctly classify the statements in the glossy brochures.

Click here to register for this webinar

Kester Launches WP616 Solder Paste

Kester is proud to announce the launch of WP616, a zero-halogen, lead-free, water-soluble solder paste formula for both nitrogen and air reflow applications.

WP616 provides a combination of consistent print performance at wide humidity levels, excellent solderability and ease of cleaning, while maintaining a zero-halogen flux formulation. WP616 is a stable water-soluble formula, providing consistent stencil life, tack time and print definition. WP616 is classified as ORM0 flux under IPC J-STD-004B.

For additional information on this product including technical and safety data sheets, please visit the WP616 product page.

Juki screen printers webpage updated

Our webpage presenting the Juki printers has been updated.

  • Model GL-Plus information has been replaced with the new G-Titan printer.
    G-Titan is the new medium format printer (510 x 510 mm.) with extended functionality.
    The accuracy of the new G-Titan printer is 18µM making it suitable fot the smallest component sizes.
  • Model K3 information has been replaced with the niew P-Primo printer.
    The P-Primo is suitable for PCB sizes up to 850 x 610 mm.
  • Model PMAX-II remains unchanged.
    The PMAX-II can be used for PCB sizes up to 1.220 x 800 mm.

Click here to see the new Juki screen printers page.

Demo Juki feeders CF03HPR for sale

We have 22 pieces of Juki feeder type CF03HPR available. These feeders were produced in 2017 and were used for a short time in production.
Condition is as good as new feeders. Very attractive price.

CF03HPR Tape Feeder CTF 8mm for 0201 and 0402 components – 7″ reel

Feeder CF03HPR front side
Feeder CF03HPR front side

Tape feeder CF03HPR back side
Tape feeder CF03HPR back side

Please contact us if you want more information about availability and price.

Koh Young Technology Celebrates Delivery of 10,000th Inspection System

We want to congratulate Koh Young with the delivery of the 10.000th inspection system, a truely remarkable achievement.

Koh Young Technology has been the fastest-growing 3D inspection system provider with No.1 market share in the world,  having sold all 10,000 systems since the company’s founding in 2002. Koh Young recently marked its 15th Foundation Day on May 1.

Dr Kwangill Koh, CEO of Koh Young Technology said, “We are very pleased to celebrate this occasion with Delphi Electronics Suzhou, our trusted partner since 2003.” He added, “To our team, delivering 10,000 machines is indeed a remarkable achievement; it has been a challenge, and also a great success, because Koh Young is the first inspection company in the SMT industry to break this sales record. But it doesn’t end here; 10,000 deliveries is just the beginning as we continue to help SMT PCB manufacturers around the world build a better process with Koh Young.

Koh Young delivers the 10.000th inspeciton system

A special project at KCS Elektronica

KCS Electronics assembly is located at the Kuipershaven in the historic center of Dordrecht in a characteristic harbor building (built around 1700). Behind this historic facade you will find a modern electronics manufacturing company.

Following a long range of interviews and research, KCS decided in November 2016, to significantly modernize SMD production in collaboration with W&S.

To achieve this goal, KCS decided to invest in assembly equipment, test equipment and a comprehensive software package to be able to produce the highest quality with maximum flexibility.

The following process steps were brought to the latest state of the art:

  • Pick & Place:
    • Juki Flexline KE3010 and KE3020 Pick & Place machines including matrix tray changer.
    • Juki Intelligent Shopfloor software for control of the Pick & Place machines combined with the advanced intelligent feeder system IFS-NX.
  • Reflow:
    • Heller 1707MKIII reflow oven with 7 zones on top and bottom side of the PCB.
  • Automatic Optical Inspection:
    • Koh Young Zenith 100% 3D measuring machine for AOI inspection.
  • Program Preparation / CAD Conversion:
    • Siemens – Unicam NPI software for fast and error-free conversion of CAD and BOM data as provided by the customers.

Mission Impossible?

Even though at W&S we do have quiet some experience with interesting installations of equipment in special buildings, a 17th century canal house with all the constraints was an interesting project for us.

The free space between the front of the property and the (unshielded) water of the harbour was about eight meters, this was a nice challenge for the forktruck driver. Inside the building the production floor where the new equipment was going to be placed consisted of three different levels. Also this meant a big challenge for the movers.

To get the reflow oven at the planned location, two height differences had to be bridged, and two door frames had to be temporarily removed. After these preparations we had an opening where the four meter long machine had to pass through with a clearance of less than 2 centimeters on the side.

Not much space between the building and the harbour

It fits, we measured correct 😉

AT the location where the Pick & Place machines are placed, there used to be an indoor swimming pool. Before arrival this swimming pool was completely filled with hard foam, and covered with a top layer of concrete.

After these preparations the surface was sufficiently stable for the very high precision Pick & Place machines.
(At these moments we are very happy with the exceptionally stable frame of the Juki machines).

Internal transport of the Juki machines was easy in comparison with the Heller oven.

All equipment arrived safely at the right location

After transportation and installation of the oven and the pick & place machines, placing the Koh Young AOI machine was easy to accomplish.

Mission Completed!

The result:
Thanks to the perfect collaboration between the highly professional movers, the (almost complete) KCS team and the W&S service team everything was in the right place within 2 business days and shortly after this KCS could start production with the new equipment.

The Heller oven installed and running.

The Juki Pick & Place line in full production

Meanwhile, KCS employees are already getting used very well to the new equipment and many high quality products are produced every day.

We wish KCS good luck and many years of worry-free production with the new equipment.


Through the involvement, knowledge and empathy during preparation,
W & S Benelux has managed to literally deliver a tailor made solution to KCS.

The technical support from W & S Benelux enabled us to learn the software
and equipment functionality in a short period of time.

With the new JUKI line, KCS produces most advanced electronics products
with minimal lead time.

— Arie Bogaard, Operations Director KCS BV —


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Electronics & Applications show 2017

Electronics & Applications 2017

W&S Benelux bv will be present at the Electronics and Applications show 2017.

Booth number: 7E088

You are very welcome to visit our booth for a fresh coffee, a cool drink and to discuss your ideas with us.

In the Live Production Line we will do a 100% 3D inspection of the gadget pcb after reflow soldering.

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MicroCare newsletter June 2016

MicroCare newsletter, advances in critical cleaning

MicroCare newsletter, Advances in critical cleaning

MicroCare has published a newsletter containing very interesting information regarding the costs of cleaning. The cleaning experts at MicroCare have just completed a highly detailed study comparing the costs of aqueous cleaning to the costs of vapor degreasing cleaning.

Click here to download the newsletter.