Offering Critical Cleaning Innovation, Service, Safety and Value for Over 40 Years

High-performance electronics demand the most from the entire manufacturing process, including the cleaning procedures. In the old days of “fat pitch” surface mount technology, cleaning was easy because the components were large, the leads were widely spaced and the clearances under the chips spacious. Today it is all different, but MicroCare still gets it done.

MicroCare® cleaners fit almost every electronics application. The products easily remove organic contamination, such as solder paste, along with the corrosive inorganic residues. The cleaners wash away ionic contamination, dissolve organics and release microscopic contamination clinging to the board. MicroCare cleaners work fast, with high reliability and excellent consistency. With low surface tension these products can get under the smallest components and into the tightest clearances. Plus – and unlike water cleaning – the solvent will come out of those tight spaces.

In short, MicroCare is the world’s bench top cleaning expert, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

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