Microcare product update:
New improved Trigger Grip connection

MicroCare has introduced a new designed valve for Aerosols.

For many years, Microcare has delivered cans with the Acc-u-sol valve as shown below on the left.
From May 2024 we will start shipping cans with the new valve design as shown below on the right.

To mount a Trigger-GripTM to the can a new adaptor as shown below is required.

It is important to know that this adaptor, will only fit the new style cap, which can easily be identified by the distinct stripes on each side.

The new adaptor is easily connected and brings some advantages:

  • The adaptor provides improved guides for the metal clip
  • The adaptor now encompasses an “on/off” switch, to release the pressure from the Trigger GripTM
  • This adaptor is re-usable and is compatible between all MicroCare aerosol cleaning fluids (with the new style valve).

Please watch the video below for connect and disconnect instructions.