High performance equipment for the electronics manufacturing business.

High performance for your business

As a highly specialized photonics machinery manufacturer and the world’s leading provider of laser-driven production processes, LPKF Laser & Electronics offers all-in-one solutions for a broad range of applications.
Applications for electronics manufacturing:

  • Laser depaneling
  • IC Packaging
  • 3D-MID with Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)
  • SMT stencil cutting and micro cut parts
  • Laser drilling and cutting for pcb shops

Laser depaneling for PCBA / EMS
Stress-free, clean cutting of populated rigid and flexible PCBs

Circuit reliability is significantly improved and fewer or even no extra cleaning processes are required with laser cutting, which thus offers significant cost savings for laser depaneling. A new family of depaneling systems delivers an unprecedented combination of performance, reliability, and low cost.