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Koh Young Zenith

Koh Young Zenith

The Koh Young Zenith measures components and solder joints precise and accurate in 3 dimensions.
With this technology pseudo errors, escapes and programmer dependent results belong to the past.
The Zenith copes with challenges like warpage of the PCB, shadow effects and componet vendor deviations like no other AOI system. The Zenith uses parametric analysis for all measurements where this is possible, giving predictable, programmer independent results.

By using this full 3D measuring technology, offline programming according to IPC-A-610 is feasible.

W&S can offer you a complete 3D AOI solution including review/verification station and advanced board handling with good/bad separation.


  • 100 percent 3D measurement of components and solder joints
  • Real analysis of measurement data
  • SPC analysis tool
  • KSMART solution
  • Inspection according to IPC-A-610
  • Objective programming (user independent)
  • Lowest sensitivity for shadow problems from higher components
  • Fast and easy programming (also offline)
  • Review and repair station


  • External barcode reader
  • Offline programming station
  • Verification/review station
  • Dual-track systems
  • XL boardsize