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Koh Young P3 Pin inspection

Market leading true 3D pin inspection to prevent and reduce risk of pin insertion failures and maximise pin compliance without the concern for the inaccuracy of traditional 2D inspection.

  • Provides a combination of both advanced high-resolution optics and highly innovative vision algorithms for pin inspection industries
  • Effectively inspects: Single Pin, Press-fit, Final optical inspection for ECU Product (FOI) and Fork pins
  • Incorporates the market leading 3D measurement technology
  • Fast and easy programming driven by artificial intelligence


  • SPF (Single press-fit)
  • C-PFT (Conventional press-fit)
  • FOI (Final optical inspection)

Inspection highlights

  • Dimension (height, width, length)
  • Offset X/Y, center distance
  • Distance between two pins
  • Pin missing (presence)
  • Absence (verify if pin is absent)
  • Shoulde coplanarity, Fork-type pin inner distance

P3 Inline

The Koh Young P3 inline version

P3 Manual loading

The Koh Young P3 manual loading