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A complete 3D inspection solution


Full 3D Automatic Optical Inspection with Koh Young

Koh Young Technology offers as market and technology leading company in 3D measurement a lot of know-how and innovative systems. The Koh Young systems are ready for the highest requirements in electronic assembly.

With more than 10 years experience and over 10.000 systems installed, Koh Young offers the highest value systems in the market. The patented 3D measuring technology results in the highest accuracy, reproduce-ability and inspection speed.

With the perfect combination of best technology, easiest operation and comprehensive SPC analysis, Koh Young sets the standard in 3D solder paste measurement.

Koh Young Zenith

koh young zenithThe Koh Young Zenith is the worlds first true 3D AOI system that measures components and solder joints in the third dimension. By using this full 3D technology, inspection according to IPC-A-610 is feasible. 

In the Koh Young Zenith, true 3D measurement and traditional 2D inspection technology are perfectly combined.

Traditional AOI problems like falls calls, escapes, and programmer dependent results are almost completely eliminated. Because of the parametric programming, the measuring results are independent from the programmer. Another advantage of the parametric programming is that this can be done completely offline.

The Zenith handles challenges like shadowing, board warpage, and component vendor deviations in a completely new and optimized manner.

W&S can offer you a complete 3D AOI solution including review/verification station and advanced board handling with good/bad separation.

  • 3D measurement of components and solder joints
  • Inspection according to IPC-A-610
  • Objective measuring criteria (not programmer dependent)
  • No shadow problems from higher components
  • Lowest falls calls, lowest escapes
  • Fast and easy programming
  • Data connection with traceability system
  • Dual track option
  • Proven Koh Young 3D measuring technology


  • External barcode reader
  • Offline programming station
  • Verification/review station


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