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KIC Smart Optimizing

A reflow oven or wave solder machine is capable of literally billions of alternative setups. Each combination of zone temperatures and conveyor speed will produce a unique profile for a processed product. KIC’s software makes an exhaustive analysis of all the setups and it recommends the very best oven/machine recipe within seconds

KIC Navigator Power

KIC Navigator Power

KIC Navigator Power™ expands the capability and potential of the KIC software by automatically optimizing your process set up. KIC Navigator Power selects the best oven recipe based on user selected criteria:
– Minimize power consumption
– Enable deep in spec profile
– Maximize product throughput
– Minimized oven changeover time


Profiling Reduced to a Single Number
The PWI measures the profile’s fit to the process window in a mathematical and objective manner by using a single number. This aids in optimizing the process by comparing and ranking alternative profiles in terms of their fit to the available process window. The lower the PWI, the more efficient and stable the process!

KIC Auto Focus

KIC Auto Focus Power

The KIC Auto-Focus and KIC Auto-Focus Power is simple, fast and easy to use, requiring minimal input or technical experience. Once the necessary criteria are provided, Auto-Focus goes to work and in seconds you are presented a suggested initial oven set up. The recipe is ranked using the Process Window Index (PWI), so you immediately know where it falls within your process specifications.

Software Description
Auto-Focus Power™ is a ‘recipe search engine’ with an intelligent database Every PCB reflow manual profile will populate the database. The correlations between the oven properties, thermal transfer rate, PCB characteristics and varying process windows enable very accurate oven setup recommendations. In short time, the database becomes intelligent enough that a recommendation for best oven setup for any new PCB will be generated without the need to run a new pcb reflow profile. Only input of the new PCB’s length, width and weight is required for the software to recommend the best oven recipe