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SPS Smart profiler

The smart profiler for reduced cost, improved quality and convenient data sharing.

The SPS Smart Profiler stands out as the best and “smartest” temperature profiling data collection system available. The hardware is the best in temperature tolerance design using an LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) enclosure for better protection and faster cool down between profiles. The design of the SPS thermal shields allows for easy and secure opening and closing, durability that meets the most stringent of drop tests, and temperature tolerance capabilities that exceed all previous KIC thermal profiler and shield models.

The SPS is available in 7, 9, and 12 channel versions using standard type K thermocouples. Thermal profile data are conveniently transferred to your computer via a USB connection or real-time via Wi-Fi depending on the model. With complex power management algorithms and state-of-the-art circuitry, the SPS allows for long use between charges and longer battery life. Recharging and powering can be done via the USB cable when connected to a computer or to a wall socket.

K2 Profiler

New Generation Mid-Range Profile Setter

New Generation Mid-Range Profile Setter

  • New generation profile setter replaces the last of KIC’s older technology profilers
  • Competitively priced for the mid-range market

Compact and Robust Hardware

  • The K² will fit through the tight heated chambers often found in lead-free production
  • 7 TC unit dimensions:
    • 206 x 60 x 17 (mm)
    • Shield: 302 x 75 x 23 (mm)
  • 9 TC unit dimensions:
    • 206 x 75 x 17 (mm)
    • Shield: 312 x 90 x 23 (mm)
  • Durable hardware designed to withstand rough production environments

Fail-Safe Operation

  • Automatic start when temperatures are below a specified ‘start’ trigger, protecting the K² and assuring consistent starting points and repeatable profiles
  • Hardware designed for accurate measurements
  • Engineer sets quality and productivity related parameters:
    • PWI level
    • Minimum/maximum allowable conveyor speed
    • Maximum peak temperature,etc.
  • For use by reflow oven operators, technicians and engineers who need a reflow oven thermal profile

Quick comparison K2 <> SPS profiler

FeatureKIC Profiler K2KIC SPS Profiler
HousingAluminiumLiquid Crystal Polymer
Number of channels7 or 97, 9 or 12
Smart dockxo
Power supplyAAA batteriesRechargeable NiMH battery
Wireless transfer of profile data (WiFi)xo
Mobile profile viewer
Software includedProfiling software 2GProfiling software 2G
Navigator Powero
SPC softwareo
Autofocus Poweroo
Sweetspot targetoo
Centralized Process Window controlxo
= included
o = optional
x = not available