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Products & solutions

KIC Smart Profiling

The average thermal profiler on the market operates like the old chart recorder migrated onto a PC. It is a passive data acquisition unit that informs the user of the PCB profile.
Smart profiling goes beyond that into the realm of data intelligence. Based on your input, the profiler tells you where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Intelligent databases provide such information without even needing to run a manual profile! The data can be linked and shared with all authorized personnel.
Products for Smart Profiling:
– SPS Smart Profiler
– KIC Profiler K²
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KIC Smart Optimizing

A reflow oven or wave solder machine is capable of literally billions of alternative setups. Each combination of zone temperatures and conveyor speed will produce a unique profile for a processed product.
KIC’s software makes an exhaustive analysis of all the setups and it recommends the very best oven/machine recipe within seconds.
Products for Smart Optimization:
– KIC Navigation Power
– KIC Auto Focus Power
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KIC Smart Automation

KIC’s Automatic Systems solutions expand our Data Intelligence Tools, offering a range of unparalleled data analysis, process control and process monitoring capabilities. Utilizing KIC’s award-winning and patented technologies, these tools provide:

  • Automatic SPC Charts including Cpk and process data for every product
  • Real-time process information for improved decision making
  • Traceability and thermal process documentation for every product
  • Zero-defect thermal production with faster response to thermal process issues
  • A status of all production ovens on a single screen, viewable from your desk
  • Easy sharing of real-time process data without the need for meetings or reports
  • and more…

Products for Smart Automation:
– KIC Probot
– KIC 24/7 Wave
– KIC RPI 4.0
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KIC Smart Fixtures utilize state of the art sensor technology and built-in electronics, in support of measuring and tracking key machine parameters and your machine’s overall performance. A machine is set to a defined recipe and data is collected and compared to previous runs, and/or tracked and charted over time.

The use of a PCB, or similar, for this task introduces additional variables and error into the equation – A PCB will break-down and start to lose mass after multiple runs; TC’s can break or come loose from the board; TC attachments can differ; etc.

The use of a fixture eliminates these variables and gives a fixed, repeatable measurement of the machine performance. And, with a smart fixture, the whole process is reliable and easy.

Products for Smart Automation:
KIC SRA (Smart Reflow Analyzer