Kester products for the PV (solar) industry

Solder flux for stringing and tabbing

SF800-LR Soldering Flux

Kester SF800-LR is a zero-halogen, low-residue, low-solids, organic based liquid flux designed specifically for tabbing and stringing applications.

The formulation delivers excellent solderability in module assembly processes utilizing conduction, IR and convection reflow.

It is formulated to deliver minimum flux residue thus eliminating post cleaning after soldering. Cells are dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the tabber and stringer equipment. SF800-LR provides excellent solderability on all type of metalizations. The formulation of SF800-LR is also designed to deliver excellent peel force that result in long term stability of the solder joints.

952-S Soldering Flux

Kester 952-S is a zero-halogen, non-rosin organic flux designed specifically for use in tabber and stringer equipment of Photovoltaic Assembly (PV) module industry by soldering tabs to cell contacts.

952-S could be applied directly to interconnecting ribbon by hand soldering or auto-equipment with tabber and stringer soldering system, by dipping or spraying.

The extremely low solids content (around 2%) and nature of the activator system results in practically no residue left on the cell after soldering. Cell are dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the tabber and stringer machine. 952-S has a wider operating window varying with temperature range, and can be used in SnPb, SnAgPb and Pb-free alloys.

Kester 4662 Thinner for flux

Flux Thinner is used for reducing solids or replacing evaporated solvent, resulting in maximum efficiency of the flux.

Kester PS-20 Flux test kit

The Kester PS-20 flux test kit provides an effective measure of determining the relative flux concentration and the proper amount of Kester Thinner needed to replace evaporative losses.