JUKI INSERTION SOLUTIONS consists of odd-shape placement machines to meet different insertion requirements. JUKI THT machines, which boast high accuracy, speed, reliability and flexibility, can easily automate your hand-mount process.

JM-100 Multitask Platform


JUKI’s JM-100 convinces with industry leading speed. The insertion speed of the THT components is 0.6 seconds for the vacuum nozzle and 0.8 seconds for the gripper nozzle.

The new “Takumi head” has 8 nozzles and is equipped with a height-adjusting laser to optimize speed. This head can handle a wide range of components while maintaining the maximum speed.

Active Clinching

The new active clinching unit supports turn-in, turn-off and N-bend to prevent components from lifting during the reflow soldering process.

JM-50 Multitask Platform


The new JM-50 utilizes Juki’s advanced TAKUMI placement head. This head automatically adjusts its height to provide the optimal speed and component handling at the same time. It can pick with up to four nozzles at the same time.

Easy programming

The JM-50 is supported by Juki’s JaNets line control software, along with all other current pick-and-place models. This makes it easy to program the entire line from one software package.


Laser and vision inspection allows the JM-50 to inspect the leads and the body of a component and a lead correction unit straightens and corrects bent leads. Multiple nozzle types are available, including vacuum, axial, gripper and mini chuck, and the system can handle radial, axial, stick, bowl, tray and SMT tape feeders. Additionally, the new MVF feeder enables the JM-50 to handle bulk components. 

Option: Clinch tool
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