Juki - Fast, Smart, Modular

JUKI offers a modular software concept which allows customers to optimize their tools for their production requirements.


Intelligent Shopfloor Solutions (IS)

IS raises production preparation, scheduling, quality and monitoring to a new level by bringing together several related functions into one comprehensive software package. IS gives managers, supervisors, and engineers the tools they need to run the most efficient production possible, thus reducing cost and improving productivity. Various tools allow workers at different levels to perform the tasks they need within a single software package.


Intelligent Feeder System (IFS-X2 & IFS-NX)

The Intelligent Feeder System includes a combination of hardware, software, and communication devices designed to improve the accuracy and reduces the time for feeder setup. By using the ethernet network, and installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) communication devices on feeders, feeder banks and machines, you can use Intelligent programming software to manage and quickly move jobs through your production environment. The concept of Juki’s IFS-X2 system is designed not only to prevent cost but to increase productivity and to give the electronic manufacturer the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

The IFS-X2 is compatible with KE-2050R, KE-2060R, KE-1070, KE-1080, KE-2070, KE-2080, KE-3010, KE-3020(V), FX-1(R), FX2 as well as FX-3(R) and is designed to add any number of feeders (supported feeder types), feeder banks, and machines to your environment.

Three base systems make up the IFS-X2: RFID communication devices, the Intelligent Programming System workstation, and the IFS machine software.


External Programming Unit (EPU)

The EPU is a off-line programming software designed for a single machine. The functionalities and the operation are identical with the machine software. The software allows to prepare and optimize the next jobs while the machine is running.