RS-1R series

Advanced all-in-one machine with superior productivity!

  • Unique Takumi placement head (8 nozzles).
  • No need to change head for different products (cost and time savings, guarantees long-time accuracy).
  • Extensive component spectrum.
  • It’s a JUKI


High speed chip mounter

  • High-speed placements up to 100,000 CPH.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Unique P20 high-precision planet head.
  • State-of-the-art centering and inspection vision system.
  • It’s a JUKI

RX-6 Series

High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter

  • High-productivity (placements up to 52,000 CPH
  • Dual-gantry – 2 heads
  • Extensive component range
  • Large PCB format
  • It’s a JUKI