Juki - Fast, Smart, Modular

The functionality of the Juki machines can be expanded with some useful options. Many of the options can be added in the field, this also contributes to long time protection of your investment.



Component Verification System

The component verification system measures the electrical value of the first component of a reel. It detects erorrs such as wrong components, reversed polarity and incorrect feeder set-up positions


Placement Monitor

The placement monitor is the “eye” in the mounting process. This high performance image acquisition and analysis system acquires real time pick and place images during production. By attaching newly developed ultra-small cameras directly onto the placement head, on-the-fly imaging of the pick and place process with no cycle time penalty and separate programming is possible. The images are stored in a database.

Root cause failure analysis (RCFA) can now be carried out in real-time. When a defect has been detected, for example by the AOI at the end of the line, it is possible to call up the stored pictures and video sequences to analyse the affected part of the circuit board production


Fluxer Station

Component dimensions for flip chips are becoming always smaller. Precision in very complex and for space-critical micro-circuits, the flip-chip is of increasing importance. With its fluxer module, JUKI offers a process-tested solution that allows the placement of flip chips and the POP technology. The many adjustment options in the user software and on the fluxer guarantee a flawless process.


High Resolution Camera

The high-resolution camera increases the component handling range to include fine pitch CSPs, 0.3mm pitch QFPs and other small devices. The resolution is 30% higher than the one of the standard camera.


IC Collection Belt

The IC collection belt collects defective components rejected by the camera.


Offset Placement After Soldering System (OPASS)

The offset placement after soldering system checks the solder paste position related to the pad location. Components are placed centered on the solder paste print instead of the pads which increases dramatically the process accuracy specially for very small component placement.



SOT direction check

The SOT inspection unit controls the supply angle of the SOT components before the production starts.


Tape presenter

For pilot series, prototype evaluations or small lot sizes often only small, exactly counted short SMD tapes are available which can not be mounted on a feeder. In most cases this means manual placement. The universal JUKI SMD tape presenter is the perfect solution for this task.

juki option trashbox

Trash box

The emptied carrier tapes are guided into the ESD trash container and can easily be cut off as required. The Trash Box can be emptied just like any waste paper basket, even during production.