Juki - Fast, Smart, Modular

We offer a complete assortment of tape, stick, bulk and electric feeders.

The models, except electronic feeders, are fully compatible with all machines. Most feeders have no wires or hoses to connect, making it simple and fast to change them.


Tape feeders


Tape Feeders

Cast main body and three positioning pins result in superior pick accuracy. Applicable are tape reels and adhesive tape reels which are conform to the EIAJ standards. Tape Feeders are available in 8 to 72 mm sizes.


juki_feeder_atf_feederATF Feeders

Spliceable feeders for emboss and paper tape. The ATF feeder is based on the same technology as the standard tape feeder and is available for 8mm to 24mm tape. The 12mm, 16mm, 24mm have a deeper emboss ditch which gives effective response to large capacitor. Furthermore, as for the 24mm feeders, large package for BGA is available for “AF24FS-OP”.


juki_feeder_deeppocketfeederDeep Pocket Feeder

For better reliability and performance the component suppliers provide tall components like aluminium electric condenser and large BGA more and more on tape. With the FTFR feeders from JUKI, pockets of up to 25mm can be processed over the 32 to 56 mm feeders. A number of mechanical improvements not only increase the ease of use, but also enhance the feeding stability as well as the pick position accuracy.


juki+feeder_ETFElectronic Feeder

With electronic feeders from JUKI there can be put more feeders on the same machine space. In addition, they bring some enhancements which will increase speed, flexibility and component capacities. The feeders are available for the intelligent system IFS-X2 as well.


Bulk feeders

juki_feeder_bulkfeederBulk Feeder

A bulk feeder dispenses components which are stored in a bulk case, using a unique rotary positioning mechanism to position and orient components and feed them to the pick-up position using a stainless steel belt. Available for chips of 0402 to 0805 sizes.


Stick feeders

juki_feeder_stickfeederStick Feeder

A stick feeder is driven by belt without requiring any power or air supply. It feeds any ordinary SOP, SOT and PLCC which are packaged in stick form. Due to the various possibilities of adjusting the size of the lane, the feeder can easily be adapted to many different component types. Call your Juki Automation Systems office or local distributor for the handling of special components supplied in sticks.


Matrix Tray feeders

 juki_feeder_trayholderTray holder

  • Applicable tray size: 322 x 270 x 28 mm (full type) / 160 x 270 x 28 mm (half type)
  • Component size: All components, the assembler can handle
  • Occupied positions:
    • Full type: 20 slots (8 mm feeders)
    • Half type: 10 slots (8 mm feeders)


 juki_feeder_tr1Dual tray server (TR1)

  • Feeding method: Automatic tray exchange
  • Tray size:
    • max. 340 x 230 x 23 mm
    • min. 150 x 90 x 5 mm
  • Weight / tray: max. 500 g
  • Component size: All components the assembler can handle
  • Occupied positions:
    • 24 slots (8 mm feeders)


juki_feeder_tr6Matrix tray changer in-line (TR6)

  • Feeding method: Dual shuttle
  • Number of trays:
    • TR6SN: max. 20
    • TR6DN: max. 30, 2 x 15 in non-stop mode
  • Tray size:
    • max. 340 x 230 x 15 mm
    • min. 150 x 90 x 5 mm
  • Weight / Tray: max. 500 g
  • Component size:
    • max. 50 x 50 mm
    • min. 5 x 5 mm
  • Occupied positions: none


juki_feeder_tr7High-speed matrix tray server (TR7)

Component feeding by matrix tray
The TR-7 is installed on the rear bank of the assembly machine and presents trays to the machine one at a time so that the placement head can pick components directly from the trays. All components, especially odd form, can be presented using this type of tray changer/holder.

  • Feeding method: Presented tray
  • Number of trays: TR-7DN max. 40 / 2 x 20 in non-stop mode
  • Tray size:
    • max. 340 x 230 x 23 mm
    • min. 150 x 90 x 5 mm
  • Weight / Tray: max. 500 g
  • Component size: All components the mounter can handle
  • Occupied positions: Complete rear bank