EPM high quality wave soldering systems, Swiss precision and reliability.

Compact wave soldering system

Mini Waver SIG

The MiniWaver SIG wins you over as a table-top wave soldering system with its exceptionally robust construction, outstanding soldering quality and ease of use!

This solution makes it possible for universities, laboratories as well as developers to test printed circuit board designs at little cost and low consumption levels.

Standard wave soldering systems (for air atmosphere)

Core SIG

Core SIG is a compact, powerful, and robust wave soldering system. It is particularly suitable for companies with small to medium-sized production volumes.

Core SIG has a touchscreen for easy operation. It also includes a spray fluxer, a powerful preheater and a single-wave soldering pot is a standard feature.

The Swissmade system impresses with its low consumption data, high-quality design and last but not least, excellent and long-lasting soldering results.

EPM Economy wave soldering machine

Economy SIG

The Economy SIG makes the application of top quality systems in smaller production runs possible. This solution offers all of the advantages of larger facilities and supports, among other things, traceability, low maintenance expense along with low consumption figures.

EPM Premium wave soldering machine

Premium SIG

The premium SIG is the solution for the customer with an average production volume. It convinces with the soldering results, the unique structure, as well as the low usage values.

Wave soldering systems for nitrogen atmosphere

EPM CIG compact nitrogen wave soldering machine

CIG Compact SIG

The CIG compact SIG fully nitrogen soldering aystem is suitable for production with a medium to high throughput.

This unit offers an outstanding nitrogen atmosphere in the entire processing space and impresses with its small footprint as well as the reduced maintenance expense.

This solution makes a full-tunnel nitrogen system feasible for a large number of customers.

CIG high-speed SIG

The CIG high-speed SIG full nitrogen wave soldering system impresses with its high throughput speeds throughout the whole soldering process.

Due to the use of nitrogen, the process window is wider, the solder quality is improved and the maintenance costs are reduced. The system is low consumption and guarantees reproducible production

From the compact MiniWaver up to the high-end CIG full nitrogen system:
EPM stands for Swiss precision and reliability.
Soldering systems made in Switzerland.