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EBSO SPA-R Selective solder rework system


The SPA-R is a compact and easy to handle system for the removal and re-soldering of THT components on a populated and soldered PCB.


  • control unit with display is easy to operate
  • timer-Function
  • pump and solder bath made of full titanium best for lead free alloys
  • unique ‘fast remove’ pump system
  • ‘on the fly’ – wave height regulation
  • standby-function to reduce process start time and power consumption
  • wide range of standard solder nozzles and customized nozzles
  • huge top space for very large boards
  • magnetic PCB-fixtures in different sizes, for free positioning
  • wide range of standard solder nozzles and customized nozzles
  • optional: laserpointer and XY–table
  • optional: nitrogen inert to reduce dross
EBSO SPA-R selective solder rework system

Suitable for large boards

The spacious and unobstructed top surface allows you to rework large boards.

Dimension: 400 x 700 x 250 mm
Weight: 35 kg (excluding solder)
Solder capacity: ~20 kg
Electrical supply: 220 V / 2 KW

Solder nozzles

A wide range of standard nozzles is available from stock.

Custom nozzles can be made to order.

EBSO SPS-R fast remove pump system

Solder pump system

The unique flat pump design with the ‘Fast Remove’ system allows maintenance within mimutes. Just an easy turn with the supplied tooling gives instant access to the pump and the solder bath.

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