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Preforming of:
– Axial components

Ebsomat E40-2 / E 40-3
Trimmer/former for axially taped components

Processing speed:

  • manual: ±40.000 cph
  • motor: ±70.000 cph

Dimension: 240 x 165 x 210 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Construction: cast aluminium housing, tooling is heat treated and tempered tool steel

Ebsomat C 043
Axial Trimmer / Former
For leads up to 1,3 mm diameter

With the new cutting and bending machine you have the possibility to work axial lying as well as axial standing components. With only a few grips, less than five minutes time, the machine can be retrofited from one component variant to another.

• easy tape insertion
• stress relief tooling prevents components damage
• pitches and lenght of the connecting wires can be adjusted gradually
• over-bending of the components is possible

Ebsomat E 400
Bending and Cutting machine for axial components

This universally applicable machine is suitable for processing axial components. A production speed of approx. 10.000 components per hour can be achieved through manual operation.

To increase the performance, the EBSOMAT 400 can be equipped with a motor drive. This allows you to increase the output to 14.000 components per hour

  • No mechanical stress of components due to interchangeable cutting, bending and forming
  • Stepless adjustment of the bending units enables the component wires to be “over-bended” by more than 90° or 180°
  • Bending units are equipped with rollers so that components are not damaged when bending
  • Lead distance and lead length are continuously adjustable
  • Components in horizontal or vertical position can be processed
  • Continuously asjustable speed