EBSO GmbH is developing and manufacturing cutting and bending machines for Thru Hole. Even with the SMD Technology pushing the Thru Hole technology to the background it is not disappearing and is a good part of Ebso’s business. Due to the high complexity of the left-over through hole components EBSO designs yearly over 50 new tools for their standard machine range and design many custom made systems.

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Burst & Zick GmbH, founded  in 1968, can look back at many years of experience in device and mechanical engineering. This knowledge and innovative future-oriented product development reflects the high quality and reliability of its products.

Burst & Zick produces a wide variety of leadforming equipment for the electronic industry which serves the processing (cut, shape, bend) of radial and axial THT-components. All of the stamping and bending tools are strain relief relative to the construction unit body; no stress will arise to the components while the leads are being processed.

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