What we do

The Cogiscan suite of TTC – Track Trace Control – solutions includes world-class Material Control, Traceability and TTC Analytics to achieve significant improvements in visibility, quality and productivity. These are the most critical applications for electronics assembly because they deliver the greatest return on investment and provide a strong competitive edge to their users.


The Cogiscan connectivity interface collects real-time data from the diverse equipment on your factory floor and then communicates that data with a wide variety of other machines and software making Industry 4.0 goals achievable.

Data management

With the explosion of data created from Industry 4.0 trends, Cogiscan’s data management server helps you better manage and understand what’s available within collected factory data. Our TTC Server provides meaning to collected production data to ensure its optimal use.

Material & Process Control

Knowing that components represent the majority of the cost of a circuit board, end to end Material & Process Control becomes crucial for any manufacturer to stay competitive.

360° Traceability

Complete and accurate traceability has become mandatory to reduce the cost and liability issues associated with product warranty and recalls.


An integrated advanced analytic system that monitors productivity across a manufacturer’s global operation is a game-changer in today’s competitive environment.