Addressing Your Manufacturing Challenges with Track, Trace and Control

Rapid ROI, improved product quality and reduced risk

What we do

Cogiscan partners with leading equipment manufacturers and electronics assemblers to create solutions that can integrate with existing systems, to provide factory-wide Track, Trace and Control (TTC).
We are committed to the development and continuous improvement of solutions to Track, Trace and Control materials and tools on and off the shop floor.

Our culture

Cogiscan’s corporate culture is focused on providing responsive service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We understand that our clients rely on us to increase their productivity, improve the quality of their products, and reduce their inventory cost. Cogiscan’s people demonstrate their commitment to driving our clients’ business performance by delivering first class solutions and service that ensure optimal system performance, and maximize return on investment.

Our history

Founded in 1999, Cogiscan Inc. is headquartered in Bromont, Quebec. The company has received a number of honors over the years, including 6 Vision awards presented by SMT Magazine, and the Frost & Sullivan North American SMT Emerging Company of the Year Award in 2008. Cogiscan also holds a number of international patents.

Save time & money

Cogiscan TTC helps to reduce your manufacturing costs by improving overall productivity (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or OEE) and eliminating waste of time and materials.

In some industries materials can represent up to 90% of the cost of the finished goods. On-time delivery and profitability can be compromised by having the wrong materials or by having the wrong quantity of material available. With Cogiscan Track, Trace, Control solutions, all production materials are tracked accurately, in real-time, anywhere on the factory floor. This ensures that you have the right material, in the right place, at the right time – from receiving all the way to final product packaging and shipping.

Cogiscan TTC software modules optimize and validate material flow at each step in the process. There is no more time wasted looking for parts or correcting human errors while assembly lines are sitting idle.

With Cogiscan TTC solutions, ROI is typically achieved within 3 to 9 months.