The Cogiscan approach

Cogiscan believes that factory digitalization shouldn’t be complicated.
With that in mind they offer a modular, or step-by-step approach, to help you transform your manufacturing operation from the ground up.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Live visualization, comprehensive overview, detailed analysis; our Factory Intelligence application has everything you need.

Formerly seen only as an insurance policy in case of a recall, traceability is now a must-have in every factory. We will put material, process and product traceability at your fingertips, so that you can easily share with your clients.

It’s not a secret, in electronics manufacturing, material can make up to 80% of your cost. We’ll help to keep your machines fed and running so you don’t have to worry about wasted time and lost money.

So, you’ve collected your shop floor data… now what? Our solution aggregates, normalizes, centralizes & contextualizes your data in order to create meaning out of it!

Connectivity is the foundation to any factory digitalization initiative – without proper data collection, there is no smart factory. Our Co-NECT platform gets you the factory data you need.

Our solutions:


Build a stable digitalization foundation with complete connectivity.
Helping you retrieve and share machine data across your entire manufacturing ecosystem, Cogiscan’s Co-NECT platform guarantees you access to the best and most reliable factory data available. Simple and intuitive, the Co-NECT platform is a standalone, neutral connectivity interface for the electronics manufacturing industry that can run on any SMT machine or computer.

Data management:

Ensure optimal use of your factory’s data.
With the explosion of data created from Industry 4.0 trends, Cogiscan’s data management server helps you better manage and understand what’s available within collected factory data. Our Track Trace Control (TTC) Server provides meaning to collected production data to ensure its optimal use.

Material & Process control

Cost Reductions through Control
Knowing that components represent the majority of the cost of a circuit board, effective material & process control becomes crucial for any manufacturer to stay competitive. Clients implementing our solutions have seen cost reductions as much as 5%. Better cost control means higher profits and a competitive edge for you and your customers.

360° Traceability for Electronics Manufacturing

Fast & accurate product, material, and process traceability you can rely on.
In Industry 4.0, complete and accurate traceability is mandatory in order to reduce cost and mitigate liability issues associated with product warranty and potential recalls. Electronics manufacturers who offer Cogiscan’s high-end traceability application are better positioned to not only gain, but also better retain a loyal customer base. Internally, a complete traceability system is a powerful tool to identify the root cause of any quality issue and enable corrective actions – before the product leaves the shop floor.

Analytics (Factory Intelligence) for Electronics Manufacturing

Get a holistic view of your entire manufacturing operations.
An integrated system that monitors productivity across a manufacturer’s global operation is a game-changer in today’s competitive environment. Centralizing real-time data capture from the entire manufacturing process provides both instantaneous feedback and deep analytics on all materials and equipment in use. This allows you to troubleshoot and adapt on the fly, with minimal cost or downtime. This ability to quickly respond to concerns before they escalate ensures quality and on-time delivery, thus providing a significant edge over your competition. Cogiscan’s Factory Intelligence application is the perfect management tool to get a holistic view of your entire manufacturing operations.