Heller 1911MK5-VR Nitrogen Vacuum Reflow Oven

Heller Industries 1911MK5-VR Nitrogen Vacuum reflow oven comprises 11 zones, a vacuum chamber, closed-loop nitrogen atmosphere control and Heller’s award-winning COOL-PIPE flux management system.

Of the oven’s 11 zones, ten deliver convection heating with one infra-red (IR) zone located strategically inside the oven’s vacuum chamber. This delivers proven advantages in void-less solder paste reflow processing, leading to long-term solder joint reliability.

The 1911MK5-VR delivers on ambitious performance metrics to help manufacturers streamline SMT assembly. It targets voiding ratios of less than 2% and cycle times of 40 seconds for single-lane implementation and 20 seconds for dual-lane systems. It maintains Heller’s solder paste reflow specification, including liquidous times of under 60 seconds. In addition, the oven is  suitable for high temperature applications up to 450°C.

Flux Free within the vacuum chamber. In-zone IR Heating prevents flux residues precipitating within the vacuum chamber routine lubrication PM every 4 months.

Advantages and unique features

  • 10 convection heating zones (top & bottom)
  • Replicate standard thermal profiles
  • 1 IR heating zone (Top)
  • Single lane EHC
  • Active heating through the vacuum phase
  • Nitrogen atmosphere
  • 3 cooling zones
  • Cycle times of 40 seconds
  • < 1% Void Rate – Heller vacuum reflow ovens provide best-in-class performance for removing voids in solder joints and interfaces.
  • No Solder or Flux Splatter – Heller vacuum pumps offer closed-loop control for a controlled multi-step pump down and re-fill. This prevents yield-killing solder and flux splatter that can occur with single stage, open-loop vacuum systems.
  • Heated Vacuum Chamber – Heaters allow for peak temperature to be reached inside the vacuum chamber for more process flexibility. High chamber temperatures ensure for no flux buildup inside the chamber.
  • Low Maintenance for Low Operating Costs – Advanced flux management systems allow for less periodic maintenance and fewer required consumables.
  • No Shifting Parts – Heller’s smooth-travel conveyor system ensures that components are not shifted or moved during travel throughout the oven. Boards on conveyor experience minimal vibration during travel – including entering and exiting the vacuum chamber.
  • Highest UPH – Heller vacuum reflow offers an optional dual rail conveyor, for the fastest throughput.
  • Leadership and Experience – With over 5 years’ experience in vacuum reflow, Heller Industries is recognized as a leading supplier of vacuum reflow technology.

Other Heller vacuum reflow models available;

  • Heller 1808MK5-VR (8 Heating Zones with a 2.6m Heated Length)
  • Heller 1808MK5-VHT (High Temperature 450°C)
  • Heller 2043MK5-VR (11 Heating Zones with a 4.3m Heated Length)
  • Heller 2156MK5-VR (15 Heating Zones with a 5.6m Heated Length)

This Vacuum Reflow Oven will be displayed during;
Heller / Europlacer Stand
SMT-Nuremberg Exhibition
Hall 4, Stand 4-259

HELLER introduces the 1911MK5-VR nitrogen vacuum reflow oven