BHC logoAt Bergh Hybrid Circuits the management team has it’s own approach regarding their production facilities. This is clearly visible in the SMT production department, BHC strives to be an extremely reliable supplier and this results in a very high customer satisfaction.

For the SMT production BHC has selected JUKI equipment for the very high reliability and accuracy and the lowest cost of ownership.

When the production requirements were growing rapidly in 2012 BHC started to renew and expand the SMT line. The first steps were the purchase of a new JUKI KE-1070 machine together with a new JUKI GL screen printer. This line was completed later that year with a Heller 1707MKIII reflow oven and automatic loaders and unloaders from Nutek.

BHC overview smt lines
Overview of the SMT production department with 2 complete lines

After this high quality new line was in full production the company continued to grow. New customers and new orders required even more production capacity, so it happened that in the first half of 2013 we were discussing with the management of BHC about how to double the capacity for SMT production.
After some calculation and simulation work it was decided to expand the production with a complete second line. For this new line a JUKI KE-2070 was selected and again a Heller 1707MKIII was ordered so products could be easily moved between the lines.

Jan-Willem Terink (General Manager) and Anton van den Hoogen (Engineering and Quality) at the new Juki KE-2080 SMT mounter
Jan-Willem Terink (General Manager) and Anton van den Hoogen (engineering and quality) at the new Juki KE-2080 SMT mounter

After running these two lines with full production for approximately 6 months it became clear that the growth at BHC was not finished. The weak economy in Europe did not seem to border BHC at all and they just keep on growing. In the second quarter of 2015 we were having a meeting again about increasing production capacity and a wider component range.

For some of the new products larger and higher components needed to be placed, therefore BHC selected a JUKI KE-2080 as an extra module in their first line. The new KE-2080 was delivered at April 22 and is already running in full production. With this increase in capacity BHC should be ready for the next year, or…..?

We are very proud that BHC has chosen our equipment and services for their SMT production lines and we wish the BHC team lots of success with their new equipment.

“ Our latest new production line is an investment in our future. The new production line of Juki will enable BHC to serve its customers faster and more flexibly than ever. We believe the new Juki 2080 supplied by the excellent service of W&S will be a contribution to the success of BHC.“

Jan-Willem Terink – Managing Director Bergh Hybrid Circuits 

Jan-Willem Tering, managing director of BHC
Jan-Willem Terink – Managing Director Bergh Hybrid Circuits

Bergh Hybrid Circuits expands production capacity with a new Juki KE-2080
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