Koh Young 3D SPI – Closed loop to printers

A new Koh Young brochure is available with the latest information about the “Closed Loop”  functionality for the SPI systems and major screen printers.

Closed Loop function

The Closed Loop option is a method of continually monitoring and adjusting a process to maintain a particular target value of outputs. The Closed Loop option, used between screen printers and solder paste inspection systems, uses inputs from an automated Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system to control print parameters and actively prevent defects, instead of just identifying defects.

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BONO Success for Kester products

2015-08-28-kester-news-bono1Recently, Kester submitted commercial products of NP505-HR, NF372-TB, and 985M to a third party laboratory for Bono testing. All these Kester products passed at a level that indicated no corrosion in the residues.

What is the Bono test?

SIR and ECM tests have been recognized by IPC as a way to evaluate paste or flux residue corrosiveness after reflow, the Bono test was developed and implemented in some French companies as an extra qualification criteria.
The Bono test also quantifies the corrosion, unlike current SIR or ECM tests. And in addition to characterizing solder paste residues, the Bono test can be performed for wave soldering fluxes, repair fluxes, and tacky fluxes using the same method and same board.

Please contact us for updated product information and datasheets.


Jack van Daal joins the W&S team

Jack van Daal joins the W&S sales team
Jack van Daal

We are happy to announce that from June 1 Jack van Daal has joined the W&S sales team.

With the addition of Jack to our team W&S will be able to bring better support to our customers.

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment with Jack to visit you and get acquainted, you can contact him at jvd@wsbenelux.nl


Bergh Hybrid Circuits expands production capacity with a new Juki KE-2080

BHC logoAt Bergh Hybrid Circuits the management team has it’s own approach regarding their production facilities. This is clearly visible in the SMT production department, BHC strives to be an extremely reliable supplier and this results in a very high customer satisfaction.

For the SMT production BHC has selected JUKI equipment for the very high reliability and accuracy and the lowest cost of ownership.

When the production requirements were growing rapidly in 2012 BHC started to renew and expand the SMT line. The first steps were the purchase of a new JUKI KE-1070 machine together with a new JUKI GL screen printer. This line was completed later that year with a Heller 1707MKIII reflow oven and automatic loaders and unloaders from Nutek.

BHC overview smt lines
Overview of the SMT production department with 2 complete lines

After this high quality new line was in full production the company continued to grow. New customers and new orders required even more production capacity, so it happened that in the first half of 2013 we were discussing with the management of BHC about how to double the capacity for SMT production.
After some calculation and simulation work it was decided to expand the production with a complete second line. For this new line a JUKI KE-2070 was selected and again a Heller 1707MKIII was ordered so products could be easily moved between the lines.

Jan-Willem Terink (General Manager) and Anton van den Hoogen (Engineering and Quality) at the new Juki KE-2080 SMT mounter
Jan-Willem Terink (General Manager) and Anton van den Hoogen (engineering and quality) at the new Juki KE-2080 SMT mounter

After running these two lines with full production for approximately 6 months it became clear that the growth at BHC was not finished. The weak economy in Europe did not seem to border BHC at all and they just keep on growing. In the second quarter of 2015 we were having a meeting again about increasing production capacity and a wider component range.

For some of the new products larger and higher components needed to be placed, therefore BHC selected a JUKI KE-2080 as an extra module in their first line. The new KE-2080 was delivered at April 22 and is already running in full production. With this increase in capacity BHC should be ready for the next year, or…..?

We are very proud that BHC has chosen our equipment and services for their SMT production lines and we wish the BHC team lots of success with their new equipment.

“ Our latest new production line is an investment in our future. The new production line of Juki will enable BHC to serve its customers faster and more flexibly than ever. We believe the new Juki 2080 supplied by the excellent service of W&S will be a contribution to the success of BHC.“

Jan-Willem Terink – Managing Director Bergh Hybrid Circuits 

Jan-Willem Tering, managing director of BHC
Jan-Willem Terink – Managing Director Bergh Hybrid Circuits

Duran Audio selects Heller and KIC for new reflow soldering system

Duran Audio - click to visit websiteDuran Audio has invested in a new Heller reflow soldering oven and KIC profiler to achieve optimum reflow process quality.

After extensive testing the Heller 1707 MKIII oven was selected to replace the existing oven.
With 7 zones the Heller 1707 MKIII offers the flexibility and heating performance required by Duran Audio to solder their high end products.

By using the new KIC X5 profiler the reflow process can be optimized for the high quality standard required by Duran Audio.

Bringing the equipment into the production area required special transport equipment, but at the end of the day the machine was save at its new location.




heller-mark3-1707KIC X5 1000x323


Belgian high-end automotive supplier C-MAC relies on JUKI screen printer

As a producer of high-quality circuits in hybrid technology for automotive, medical engineering and industrial automation C-MAC relies now on screen printers from JUKI.

C-MAC has two production plants. One is located in Ronse, Belgium and the second in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Each site offer automated production lines on the highest level for specialised electronics with enormous requirements for precision and reliability even under harsh conditions.

201-01-news-C_Mac_picture_webSince their introduction in early 2012, the JUKI screen printers have proved their selves to be highly successful in the market. In a little more than one year JUKI has sold more than 100 screen printers in Europe and the US. The printers either replaced existing units in the lines or were sold as a part of a complete JUKI production line offer according to the line solution concept. A fast delivery by JUKI, easy operation and maintenance as well as high printing accuracy convince even such highly specialised customers like C-MAC. The units manufactured by C-MAC have to function faultlessly even under harsh ambient conditions. This can only be achieved by an extremely high production quality. C-MAC is already relying on JUKI pick- and place units for years. Now they integrate their first JUKI GL screen printer in the line.


With Juki assembly machines, Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG produces PCBs which even fulfil the requirements for a mission in space

More than half of the telecommunication satellites in the orbit have Tesat devices on board. Today, one is convinced that global communication is only realisable by going into outer space. Tesat is one of the first companies to develop and supply devices for the optical broad band communication in space.


These terminals are able to communicate data and pictures via laser beams between the satellites, and from the satellites to Earth. Benefits of the laser communication are, for example, the high digit rate of currently 5,5 Gbit (this equates to 200.000 DIN A4 pages) per second and their insensitiveness to disturbance.

July 25th 2013, the Alphasat took off. This is the biggest European telecommunication satellite with a takeoff weight of more than 6.6 tons and a span of 40 meters. It has four technological demonstration systems for the European Space Agency on board, among them a laser communication terminal developed by Tesat-Spacecom on behalf of the German aerospace centre.


Inertec selective soldering solutions

We are happy to announce that INERTEC has selected W&S as representative for selective soldering systems in the Benelux.

Inertec selective soldering system Cube.460

Inertec has been developing and building selective soldering machines for more than 20 years.

With over 1300 installed soldering systems, INERTEC is one of the leading companies in this market sector.
Right from the start, the main focus was on the development and production of innovative soldering technologies.
The corporate guiding principle was and still is today the company´s ability to react flexible to the wishes and requirements of the user, and to continue to develop innovative products.

One of the outstanding features of these soldering systems is their ability to combine flexibility and throughput.The continuous further development of these systems ensures utmost quality, productivity and investment security.

Our objective is to offer the customer a solution that will offer them a return on their investment as quickly as possible. If the standard systems do not always suit, we will coordinate with the customer to create bespoke solutions – from rotary indexing through to logistical links.Our young team follows the aim of providing our customers with the most high-quality products, service and solutions at attractive prices, so as to achieve a long-term partnership with them.
Our services range from consultation and planning through to supply, assembly and a reliable on-site service.

The Inertec selective soldering are a valuable addition to our range of soldering solutions.
Step into the Inertec-world of Selective Soldering and see for yourself!

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